Monday, February 09, 2009

Callin all Indies

If you'r into independent music and we mean into it...

Git ready the change is near

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The post gettting around to this 6 and half years latter...........

DRM's Demise Accelerates - Faster Forward
DRM's Demise Accelerates

Steve Jobs wasn't kidding when he wrote that "Thoughts on Music" essay back in February that condemned the use of "digital rights management" technology in music sales--the iTunes Store will feature DRM-free downloads by the end of this month. Similarly, EMI wasn't fooling around when it joined Apple in this new initiative; yesterday, that record label said it would also offer its catalogue in "unprotected" form on Amazon's upcoming MP3-only store, as well as a variety of European music-download sites.

This morning's column tries to get at the significance of all these moves. I think this is huge: One of the recording industry's core beliefs is disintegrating almost overnight.

Not everybody in the business believed this idea in the first place, though. People at many independent labels and smaller music-download sites have long thought otherwise--as I was reminded in some interviews yesterday, most of which didn't make the column.

Ah, Rob you might want to go back into the Post archives to take a look at this story Plus over the years we have tried to speak to you so many times about this that seeing in the post made us sick.........

Way back in 1995 a site called was started, one of the first 50 thousand dot coms in world, to do just this and more. The idea we had at the time was to expose Indie music to the masses and they would support these artists and it would change the way the labels and more particularly the Distributors do business. So 12 years latter almost to the day I see the world is catching up.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

We R Hare

If you take a hear around or just happen already know about trip hop it is safe to say noe of em are all human.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Call for protocalls

The CRC is now lying down the protocols for part of our entertainment distribution systems and we are seeking open source solution to a number of problems. If you have worked on an OS solutions for a music application we more than likely can use it.

Please contact our webmaster at


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Something to think about Bill Gates.

Dear Mr. Gates

I would like to thank you for your contribution and ask a moment of your time to talk about the Future. It hit me while I was thinking about some pending work that had to get moving which is the future part.

Without the foundation that Microsoft Office (MSO) brought to the business world --not promised. delivered! The integration of all that stuff that allowed so many to think about core business ideas and issues "CBII" would have not happened.

It may be just this point. That MS made some pretty complicated tasks down right simple. So individuals and groups were able to spend more time on their CBII. Some even are taking a look under the hood of the ride that got them here. They want this for everyone.

The last mile of creativity which is the majority of the people on the earth. Of which we have not yet had a chance to even have a CBII let alone a business or some kind of infotainment to unleash; Yet they do have dreams. By Microsoft unleashing core parts this would allow us to flip the script on the creativity sausage factor.

We all know now that components are only spokes in the wheels. MS could still be the platform your just going to have to give more away. Hey! DonĂ‚’t look at this as failure of a business model look at it as a transformation to a level of computer literacy that allows one to question the foundation of the mountain or sing about one.

Change Change or be dead sooner or later

The Abductors

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Announcing the Galactic Record Cooperative! what hell is that?

The galactic record cooperative is a mindshift away from the standard.

Artist, Bands, Labels, distributors, are all working together as a cooperative just like the coffee growers in Mexico.

The whole thing will be run like a Hong Kong market on space juice. Yet, the ownership and management is made up of those that come to the market and a group of founders made up from the community.

More coming soon.

To the granular person if you are pushing product through or buying you can own a real part of this company. In fact sell enough infotainment to the masses you can buy a founders share.

That right....................

What you don't have besides talent, still no cure 4 dat, but keep playin............Artist can find out how to be a label or find an indie one and move product up the chain to our disto partners.

From there everywhere,

Get ready and not for just music but a whole-nother-dimension.

The abductors, MGMT

It is hard to put down in words what this is going to be so I hope that our song can explain to thee.............................